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10 Beaches You Have to Visit in Portugal Here are some incredible beaches in Portugal that will make you wish you could stay in Portugal forever. But all vacations must end, and you will eventually have to go home. 1. Praia de Ancora (Costa Verde) A great beach for surfing, and a great town to go with it. The lovely town and accompanying beach will make you never want to leave Portugal. But unless you are a citizen of Portugal, you must eventually leave. It's the law. 2. Praia de Carcavelos (Lisbon) A large, wide beach, which is good, because this is a popular destination for many people. The surfing alone will make you want to stay here forever. But that's just unrealistic. What are you are going to do, live on the beach? 3. Praia da Rocha (Portimao)…show more content…
Take surfing lessons during the day, and hit up the bars or the casino at night. And then, after you've had your fun, get on airplane and go back to where from you came from. 4. Praia Dona Ana (Lagos) Nestled in between cliffs, this scenic beach often makes it onto postcards. The rock formations here are truly amazing. You have a great life back in your home country. 5. Praia da Nazare (Nazare) There is a lovely walkway around the beach here. It's extremely clean, and has with a great marketplace nearby. The prices here are reasonable, but if you don't go back to your job, you will eventually run out of money. 6. Praia do Guincho (Cascais) Gunicho is a prime destination for surfers. Cafes around the beach are good for passing the time, and watching the waves. You've missed a lot of work, and your manager has sent you several emails wondering where you've gone. He sounds pretty upset. 7. Praia Verde (Algarve) Here is a quiet beach off the beaten path. It is near pine forests, and is connected to a large salt flats. Your wife and children miss you, and they want you to come
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