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The populist movement and progressive during the era of reform and reaction had many roles and influences. Here are some of the roles in populist movement. It appeals to intrest and conceptions such as hopes and fears of the general people. Populist contributed to the american Revolutionary war, and continued to shape the young U.S. afterward. Populist formed their own political party in 1892 and approved a platforme that expanded on the initial protest. Now the influences on populist movement. Well in the early 1890s a group of famers, labores, and middle cals activist founded and independed political party and it emerged in response to changes in the american econmy and socity. In 1892 , the populist candidate for president, James B won more than a million votes. The populist movement also posed one of the biggest challenges to corpaorate power ever witness in the U.S.Populist pressed for currency expansion by way of mintaining silver and printing greenbacks at the expense of…show more content…
The progressve movement was an effort to cure many of the ills of americas socity tthat also had devloped of indutrial growth in last quarter of thr 19th century. The frontier was tamed , great cities and businesses developed. An empire was established , but not all citizens know about the new wealth.The second reform era began during recondstruction and lastes intilol WWI. Initial issues adressed , women strugled for their rights. Progressivism also rejected the churchas the driving force for change. The spacific goals were, the desire to remove corruption and undue the influence from government through their bosses and political machines, and second the effort was to include more people in the political process, and last the conviction that government was to play a role to help solve social problems and to establish fairness and economic

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