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A Major Reference in American Civil Rights movement ,Rosa Parks,,or the mother of Civil Rights Movement who is best know for refusing to give her bus seat to a white citizen, for which she was imprisoned. Even though she was released in a 24 hour period these marked her and every colored person in the 1950s. Rosa Louise McCauley Parks was her full name, she got married to Raymond Parks on December of 1932. Raymond Parks was 22 at the time and Rosa 18. Parks was a well know barber around the city .Even though he was black his color was little, lighter than everyone else's. Parks parents were James and Leona McCauley who separated when Parks was a youngster,and her young brother Sylvester who both lived with their mother in their grandparents…show more content…
For example the bus segregating, school for whites, the toilets specifically for colored people. Parks and her husbandoften saw or heard of colored people getting hanged or killed they decided to join an association called National Association for the Advancement of Colored People or NAACP where Parks was first a secretary later she became a great activist. Parks Decide to actually fight for the rights that were owned by everyone; next to a great man like Martin Luther King.( On December of 1995 Rosas stand trigerd the civil Rights movement she was charged with braking a segregation la and was told to pay a 10.00 Dollar fine.To these she refused and applead to a higher court. Her arrest catapulted colored people to start protesting for their rights. The Montgomery bus boycott was the beginning of these. These wasn’t easy for ,mainly because many african americans didn't own a car; inturn many had to walk or ride a bike to work. Parks after her arrest made an apple which was rejected in 1956. Finally the Supreme Court decision was that segregating african americans was unconstitutional officially received in Montgomery and the Boycott ended. (

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