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The populist movements role was to change economic depressions. The populist movement also helped farmers going through hard times along with regulating corporations. The influence of the populist movement was that the DOP was used to restore the Government for the welfare and prosperity, demanding establishment of the economic and financial system, this was the influence of the populist movement. The role of the Progressive Party was to have stricter labor rights for workers and to lessen child labor, which included getting rid of the harsh working conditions. The Progressive Party’s influence was that they bettered the working conditions, along with helping the poor. The American democracy evolved a lot during the era of reform and reaction.…show more content…
This was a social accomplishment for reform. An economical accomplishment was that some of the changes made made it possible for people and the government to earn more money. An economic limitation was an economic depression after a drought that put tons of farmers into debt, and a political limitation was that the reform movements were not taken seriously most of the time. Social and political issues spurred reform movements in many ways. The social issues cause the people to want change. So they protested and did things to get the governments attention. Political issues cause the government to want change. The political issues affect the government directly, which they didn’t want, so it caused them to want a change. Gender affects reform because if you are a man that believes that women should not have the same rights, you will most likely vote/protest against it. This could make the government rethink the changes they have made. Race affects it because most of the race reform is for black rights, and most white people don’t agree with black rights, so they will vote against it just like men would do with women’s rights. Social and economic status affect it because if you are rich, then you don’t want reform because it could make you poor. So basically, all these things affect reform because the changes don’t pertain to them, and they don’t benefit them. They also most likely don’t think that

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