To Kill A Mockingbird Coming Of Age Analysis

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As Children age they face difficult problems and take responsibility for their actions. Coming of Age is a stage when children get to a stage that they start to understand what an adult would understand. Over the years children are exposed to issues which adults face and eventually they show an understanding of innocence. Children get exposed to the new world as new beings entering into another world. As children grow their view on the world changes an enormous amount. Harper Lee’s book “To Kill a Mockingbird” shows examples of coming of age. Lee reveals the universal theme, coming of age, through the characterization of Jem. Jem is scout’s sister who is ten when the reader meets him. Jem is always trying to show that he is older and wiser by thinking out situations. He is always wanting his father to think a high expectation of him because he is the oldest sibling. He is…show more content…
In many situations he is left at realizing that the world is not as easy he thought it would be by dealing with serious situations with his Family and Friends. Jem is ten in the beginning of “To Kill a Mockingbird” , and undergoes many phases that are life changing. As Jem ages his perspective of bravery has changed an abundant amount. Jem follows his father's morals, Atticus Finch, who is a big role model for both Jem and Scout throughout the novel. Jem always respects his father because he is the only parent figure he has. Jem's understanding of bravery changes multiple times as he ages in the book. Jem realizes that the world is not as easy as he thought it would be, from dealing with many situations throughout the book. Jem learns bravery from Atticus by him
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