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Pop Culture China is a book written by Kevin Latham. It gives readers a comprehensive and accessible introduction in various aspects of Chinese popular culture, for example, cinema and newspaper, also discusses the changing of consumption in cultural production. The purpose of this book is to reveal how the policy and technology play an important role in shaping cultural practice of contemporary China and will continue to do so in coming years. The topic will be discussed in this book review is popular music. 5000 years of history is Chinese people pride and joy, traditional Chinese music is no exception.Classical Chinese instruments, such as the pipa and the guzheng are widely used in performance of traditional Chineseopera. Meanwhile, it…show more content…
Folk song is a kind of popular music in china for several thousand until 1980s. “The Book of song” is a collection of folk song, written by ancient officials and composed between 1000 and 700BC. Officials compiled the book through collecting songs among the ordinary people. Emperor use these songs to monitor their behavior by understanding their feeling and attitudein order to take some actions for preventing potential crises. For example, if there have some implication of criticizinggovernment or negative emotion that expressed in lyric, Chinese emperor is beginning to concernprotest or…show more content…
In today’s situation, the upper-class, even the lower-class, they thought traditional Chinese music instrument is hopelessly outdated culture refers to its design and rhythm. Most of Chinese people do not showmuchinterested in traditional Chinese instruments, hence knowledge of western music as dominant type of music being taught in school. A music teacher in primary school in China stated that mastering skill of playing western musical instruments is more essential and finding job in school. Meanwhile, learning well western musical instrument is a basic requirement for getting into well-known school. It not only can prove you are not bookworm, but also can prove you are a versatile people. School desires for this type of student for wining reputation in international stage. However, maybe you will ask why playing traditional Chinese instrument cannot have the same result. Most of people may LangLang is aneminent pianist, but do not know Song Fei, who is a famous female in China good at playing various traditional Chinese instruments, including thehuqinand the pipa. Moreover, there are lots of international competitions in western musical instruments, such as piano and cello, but a few in traditional Chinese instruments, like the ruan. Since traditional Chinese instruments cannot play a decisive role in international stage and cannot be a valuable asset, they must not be a

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