A Start-Up Business Case Study: Sage One Payroll Software

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Sage Company start as a start-up business as many of their clients. Their founder David Goldman desired to automatize the basic accounting process and print estimating in his own business. He created software to manage this more efficiently by worked with a group of Newcastle University students. David found that other businesses could also get benefit from this software. So in year 1981 he developed Sage to start selling the software. The Sage company grew rapidly and their company went from strength to strength as desktop PCs became common to public. Sage Company know clients’ needs and the challenges they face because they also faced the problem and challenges before as a start-up company. Today they have millions of clients and have 14,000…show more content…
It ensure the payroll software fulfilling the needs of customers by installed and set up particularly based on each customer's conditions. For instance,Sage One Payroll software customize the way of presentation and reporting based on each company’s request and payroll policy. Automatically…show more content…
Sage One Payroll software is very easy to use, excellent software support, and the ability to contain essentially every individual's payroll and tax status technological transparency to the user by provides technological transparency to the user . Users can renew their software every year to obtain a better ,complete and new program with the information of most newest and accurate salary ,tax changes and program support and features that fits in current payroll policy or criteria by subscribes the current year version of the payroll software. During the end of each year, any information of changes of tax,salary or policy are automatically sent to each customer. Data import and export Sage One Payroll software integrate closely with other packages or product provided by Sage company. Sage One payroll software also can integrate with other payment system like Paypal. Sage One Payroll software provided export files that also can interpret for Pensoft, QuickBooks and other accounting software. Sage One Payroll software also support the function of importing and exporting data through Microsoft Excel. Sage One payroll software can share files with entire employee in company even though they don’t use Sage One

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