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After ending their alliance with Innervision, Wham returned in 1984 with their modernised pop image. With their releases under Epic records, the Wham attained incessant success and dominated the International charts with non-stop hits. As the boys shared the same sense of humour with a similar equanimity, it was also one of the main fractions that stimulated George to write and sing the kind of songs he did, thus bringing a great deal of vigour in almost every song. The kind of music Wham made somewhat happened to be the kind of music people loved to listen and relate to it as well. Consequently, Wham was clambering higher with much prominence on both sides of Atlantic. Their first release with Epic records exploded with ‘Wake me up before you go go’. It became their first UK number one single and their first American hit as well. This song was inspired by a sign that Andrew put on his bedroom door to remind his mother to wake him every morning before she…show more content…
Due to the instruments used in the song such as range of drums, base guitar, flute/recorder, violin and glockenspiel (more like Christmas bells), it generates an alluring effect. Moreover, there are a few overlapping melodies throughout the song, including one of the best harmonies overlapping on ‘gave it away’ towards the end of the song where George has sung ‘away’ at a higher note slowly descending to lower notes in just one breath followed by Christmas bells, which sounds inimitable. ‘Last Christmas’ is the biggest selling single in UK chart history that never reached number one position. According to BBC, in Japan it has sold over 600,000 copies making it the best-selling single yet it did not reach the country's top-10 chart. Although the song refers to the festive season, it is actually about a failed relationship. Despite this, it has become an annual Christmas yardstick on UK radio

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