Betrayal In Othello Essay

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The betrayal of characters is the foundation of deaths. This was one of the key themes that Shakespeare portrayed throughout the play Othello. Even though there are other minor themes that show throughout the play, betrayal leading to death was consistent. The betrayal of characters throughout that book resulted in the death of people. Iago betrays Othello which in the end resulted in Othello’s death. Desdemona breaks her father’s trust which lead to many deaths. Othello’s loyalty to Desdemona is also broken and lead to the death of Desdemona. With many betrayals, that could have been avoided if handled differently, results in deaths and murders. Desdemona begins the play with betraying her father, leading to her own death. The play begins with a simple yet important trickery. Desdemona went be hide her…show more content…
The Dishonesty of Iago led to Othello being the jealously “the meat it feed on” and having Othello go as far as to kill himself. Trickery in the play has led to deaths. The Betrayal of the daughter, had started off the play and it just further continued from other characters from there. Iago one of the most sinister charters betrays a friendship that could have lasted if he confronted the problem instead of causing a terrible tragedy. The Betrayal of Desdemona caused many problems that helped the entire play come together and have a plot. Finally we have Othello breaks the vows of weddings, and killing his wife. A beautiful tragedy with betrayal causing deaths at the heart of the play, Shakespeare successfully wrote out a unique play for people to enjoy in any

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