How Did Emily Dickinson Influence Her Poems

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“Forever is composed from nows” (Dickinson). This quote is from an especially talented and influential poet known as Emily Dickinson. Although Emily’s poems weren’t discovered to the public until after her death, she is still considered to have done a service in her life. This service has influenced many people in the past and still to this day. Emily Dickinson was born on December 10, 1830 in Amherst, Massachusetts. Raised by a strict father who envisioned his children to be proper, Dickinson became exceedingly respectful to her father and other male authorities. While trying to please her father, she was also independent. Dickinson even had an independent view on religion. While her family practiced Calvinism, Emily didn’t involve herself…show more content…
For example, her experience and view towards religion was shown through some of her poetry, especially since she was having a separation from Calvinism. Plus, Benjamin Newton, a friend of her brother’s, introduced Emily to poems written by Ralph Waldo Emerson. His poetry influenced Dickinson greatly along with other striking poets. With this, Benjamin was one of the first to recognize Emily’s writing talent and really encouraged her to keep going. Dickinson discussed her experience of feeling like a child and her life away from the world as well. One of the other occurrences showed in her poetry was the loss of relatives and close friends in war causing her sadness and the fear of death. Majority of what occurred in her life may have seemed upsetting or uninteresting with her being isolated, but she was able to also write with joy, creativity, and imagination in many of her poems. With these experiences making her capable of writing about, she influenced many people over the many years. Emily has been able to enrich people with the enjoyment of reading her poetry as well as influence poets that came years later and years to come. Her poetry may have even had people feel better with motivation or even get a better understanding of an

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