Argumentative Essay On Area 51

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18, 2014 Area 51 Today in an area 150 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada, called Area 51, guards are responsible for watching Area 51 and are just a few that are instructed to use deadly force on any one they think is being a threat. There are many conspiracy theories on what Area 51 has been used for in the past, as well as today. In 1950 Area 51 was known as a test site for the United States Air Force. Today people wonder if UFO’s and aliens, special weapons, and United States security secrets are held there. Actual alien space craft and aliens have been sighted by scientists. However, there are many contradictions in people’s beliefs. Some believe a crashed spacecraft was taken to an Air Force base in Roswell, New Mexico, while others believe it was taken to Area 51. An Area 51 scientist Boyd Bushman, said the aliens came from the planet Quintumnia, that is 45 years away from Earth. He described the aliens as, “no more than five feet in height, humanoid in shape and size but different eyes and nose with five fingers and toes but don’t require talking to communicate, relying on telepath to convey what they needed” (Former Area 51 Scientist Claims Aliens and UFO’s Exist)journal cite. He encountered many aliens and most of them were friendly. However, according to Bushman, 19 people died defending themselves form aliens. He called…show more content…
These systems will make it hard for aircrafts to be tracked or be targeted by a radar guided weapon. In modern fighter jets, the ability to fly faster than the speed of sound and at high altitudes could have come from the early development of the U-2 spy plane. Also in modern fighter jets the technology for using tracking weapons and missile locked rockets may have come from alien technology. The development of drones and planes that fly themselves or have a pilot not in the plane could be another result of reverse

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