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Political aspects of Islam. introduction Islam is a Total way of life It has provided guidance in every where of life Islam can never be separated from economic life social or political since religion provides moral guidance for every action that a person takes.politics and Religion are one and same in Islam. We already know that Islam is a complete system of life and politics Islam teaches us how to pay Zakah say Salah observe Sawm and offer Hajj, so it teaches us how to run a state, from a government, and members of parliament, Bear in mind that Islamic rulling system is not the same as the non-islamic countries. political system aspect of Islam has been based on three principles, 1. Tawheed (Oneness of God) 2. Khilafat (Caliphate)…show more content…
A caliphate is an Islamic state It's ruled by a caliph who is a political and religious leader who is a successor (caliph) His power and authority is absolute....... Political aspects of Islam are derived from the Quran and Sunnah the sayings and living habits of prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him ) Muslim history and elements of political movements outside Islam. In 622 CE prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him ) was invited to rule the city of Medina. At the time the local Arab tribes and Khazraj dominated the city, and were in constant conflict. Medinans saw in prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him ) an impartial outsider who could resolve the conflict. Muhammad and his followers moved to Medina where Muhammad drafted the Medina charter This document made prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him ) the ruler, and recognized him as the Prophet of Allah. The laws Muhammad established during his rule, based on the revelations of the Quran and doing of Muhammad, are considered by Muslims to be Sharia or Islamic law which Islamic movements seek to establish in the present day. purpose of the islamic

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