A Short Story: My Excursion To India

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It was me. I was the other woman. I had never planned on it, I don’t think anyone really does. It just sort of just happened. It was the summer after freshman year, my friend Lena, some of my cousins, and I had all decided to venture to south India. This was where it all started. The window to our right had been left a crack open and through the crack came seeping in all the sounds and smells of the city. From far below came the yelling of the people in a foreign language unfamiliar to my ears, and echos of cars screeching, honking. The contaminated air peeped its head in every once in awhile, carrying with it the fumes from the heaping piles of trash being burnt far beneath the window. It was a week into my excursion to India. Lena, and I…show more content…
It resembled a long sleeve pajama shirt and felt a little too casual to wear so, I unbuttoned the bottom half and tied it. The shoes I wore were obviously my navy blue and white classic old skool vans, keeping me at a steady height of 5’3’’. Heels aren’t really me. When we got to the door of the club, I led, pushing them open as the sharp cool breeze from the AC hit me like a train, filling my lungs with the smell of bodily odor mixed with beer and hookah. The sounds of people laughing and EDM remixes of pop songs radiated throughout the whole room. I could feel it, under my feet, and in my chest, in every object I touched, I could feel the energy, the vibrations. The amps screeched, sending piercing sounds into my ears. I covered them with my pointer fingers which acted as dams, preventing any waves of sound from entering. Then, Chanel spotted Kane, I removed my fingers, allowing my ear canals to flood with music. Kane had come accompanied by four friends who were comically shorter than him. He overshadowed me at about 6’ tall, while his friends lingered at the same height as Chanel with heels on, some were even shorter. Kane jerked forward and hugged Chanel tightly then asked, “aren't you gonna introduce me to your…show more content…
I faced away from him, avoiding his question. “Chanel, come back! Lee is getting the Uber, Where are you going?” I screeched in an aggressive voice. “Wow, you’re American accent is very elegant,” he continued. “Thanks, I’m going to my apartment. Then to Bylakuppe,” I responded as we both began to walk towards Chanel and Kiyomi. “To first camp right?” He asked. “Yea.” I stood next to Chanel and Kiyomi as Kane's friends from the club emerged on three motorcycles. Kane sung his legs over on to one of them and hopped on. “Okay, maybe I’ll see you later then.” Speedily, the three motorcycles raced away, forcing their way to the dangerous streets of India, all almost without helmets. Too risky for me. When we got home I stripped as fast as I could and put on my comfy pjs. Then jumped straight into bed. That's when I heard Chanel yelling my name from the living room. “Kane wants you to follow him on insta!” She screamed. “What?” I groaned, tired from the exciting night. “He messaged me and told me to give you his username.” “Give him my username. He can follow me,” I responded, “I’ll see if I want to follow

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