Double Personality Disorders In Alfred Hitchcock's Film Psycho

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Alfred Hitchcock presents Psycho (1960) with a twisted plot that makes the audience sitting at the edge of their seats. Although the main focus is about Norman’s double personality disorder, it’s not only him suffering through the issue. Marion Crane and Norman Bates have their own secret identity and their own personal problems they try to face. Hitchcock emphasizes how everyone has his or her own secret life and somehow this give people a motive to make wrong choices. Psycho is a horror-thriller film that is based on the novel written by Robert Bloch. The story starts with Marion Crane and boyfriend Sam Loomis are a romantic couple that begin to have an affair. Sam is a married man who is in the process of filing a divorce. They are so in love that they begin to…show more content…
He begins to tell the psychiatrist about his childhood. Norman was very much dominated by his mother since he was a child. He goes on to talk about how his mother found a “lover”, who took away the attention from him. He became extremely jealous and murdered his mother and her lover. Later, he developed a double personality disorder to help him forget the crime of matricide and “immortalize” his mother by stealing and “preserving” her corpse. The psychiatrist discovers that what triggers his change of personality is if he feels any sexual attraction towards someone. In this case, Marion was the woman he become attracted to which triggered his mother side. The psychiatrist also reveals that Norman’s mother personality murdered two young girls prior to Marion’s murder. Norman is now locked up in his mother’s personality permanently. In a voice-over , Mrs. Bates talks about how it was really Norman not her who committed those murders. She stresses that she should have put him away a long time ago. Finally saying that she “wouldn't even harm a fly”. The final scene is where Marion’s car is being recovered from the swamp near the Bates

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