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We have all feared them speeding through the highways from time to time and recognize their outfits when we see the polished black shoes and the campaign style hats, which have straps in the chin area. But who are they really and what do they do? These are the state troopers whose core principle is to maintain peace, improve the life of the members in our society, and seek justice. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook created by the Department of Labor, state troopers are put in place to ensure that members of society obey all the state traffic laws and to patrol the highways. The main focus of state troopers is to make sure that the roadways are safe for the public. This includes fast response to accidents, patrolling highways,…show more content…
Retired Corporal Timothy Schell wrote a book titles “Memoirs of a State Trooper: True Police Stories” which depicts the many dangers of being a state trooper. Being a state trooper, you have no knowledge of the people you are stopping, you essentially walk toward the unknown. State troopers come in contact with violent people who do not feel for any other and one puts one’s self in the position where they can get shot or physically injured. You rely heavily on the equipment you have and prepare yourself for the worst. Sometimes help might be far away and will not get there until the situation is over. In April of 2012, a Vermont State trooper was in pursuit of a burglar who had seriously injured five people. While in pursuit, his radio equipment was not working. Though he was not shot, possibilities such as these exist and can be even more dangerous if the equipment does not function properly. Due to the fact that most of your duties are performed in a moving vehicle,state troopers put themselves at risk for getting into vehicle accidents. Shifting schedules and rotating work can put a big dent into marriages and family life because of the nature of the profession. Divorce rates are among the highest among members in law enforcement (Olsen, 2001). In Galliher’s , "Explanations of police behavior: A critical review and analysis," he states that officers perceive their wives as believing the obligations to the job should end after eight hours, while their supervisors see their obligations as continuing 24 hours a day.” Much like police officers, state troopers also have to face two contradictory sides where, at times, they are have to make a choice between the two. In addition to family problems, state troopers, along with police officers, see the most violent crimes and many develop post-traumatic stress disorder. In the most recent

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