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L.A. Confidential and the State of Society “L.A. Confidential” is a 1997 film directed by Curtis Hanson. The film is an adaptation of James Ellroy’s 1990 novel of the same title. The film is categorized as a neo-noir detective film. The film is about three police detectives who employ distinctive methods of law enforcement in solving criminal cases while revealing wanton corruption in their Los Angeles Police Department. The film portrays the film and showbiz industry as one full of amoral individuals. The first scene where the audience is able to view Vincennes is one where he receives a bribe in order to arrest two actors on illegal drug possession charges. The bribe is offered by one of the local magazines, Hush Hush magazine. In addition,…show more content…
Films are part of literature, which is referred to as the mirror of the society. In this way, the film industry serves to portray what is happening in the society, the dominant values, principles, and beliefs. As an illustration, films dating back to the 1950’s and 40’s had minimal or no nuances of homosexuality revealing the society was yet to accept this subject. However, modern films have an increased portrayal and mention of the subject, an indication that the society has increased its awareness on the subject. Similarly, L.A. Confidential serves to reveal the rut in the society especially in the law enforcement department in addition to revealing the roots of various social problems. The film reveals that the city is plagued with police beatings, a police riot, rape, racism, prostitution, gunplay, corruption, drug use, fighting, betrayal, secret alliances, pornographic photos, death, and paparazzi in pursuit of career changing pictures even if it’s one. By revealing these evils in the society, the audience is able to have a much critical perception of reality and therefore able to make the necessary changes. This is especially the case for this film, which is set in the 1950’s when it is well known that police corruption significantly plagued the Los Angeles Police

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