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Once upon a time, roughly 60,000 years ago, the birth of a new era arose in Australia. This was the beginning of the Indigenous Australian tribes in particular the Eora nation of Sydney. The Eora people are located along the coast of Sydney. The nation consists of a total of 29 clans. The Darug tribe is one of these many clans and they were located in the Sydney Basin. The entire community of the Indigenous Australian’s were heavily impacted by the arrival of the powerful European people. Not only did the European settlement destroy and change the traditional lifestyles of the entire Indigenous population but they carried out an enormous number of killings and massacres. The traditional people strongly resisted to the settlement of the Europeans.…show more content…
Each tribe would rarely settle in one place because there was a high demand for needs such as seasonal food, water and shelter. The availability of different foods was determined by the season and the Indigenous people had their own ways of sending messages about the types of food that were available. They also had their own independent language although it was very similar. The clothing consisted of, most of the time, nothing because it was understood to be the traditional way. In winter they chose to wear animal skins and for the children an oil based substance was put on them to protect them from the cold. Men and women were assigned to different roles when it came to food for the tribe. The women with the help from the children would gather up food like fruits, seeds, berries, edible leaves, insects, snakes, lizards, shellfish, more sea creatures and some other local food. Whereas the men of the tribes would hunt and kill live creatures such as kangaroos, ducks, goannas, fish, rabbits, fish, small mammals and sometimes even emus. To hunt the prey they required hand-made tools which took a couple of days to complete. These traditional ways of their everyday lives were carried out for a number of years until the European settlement

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