Police Pursuit Policy Analysis

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The number of high-speed chases police officers are involved in every year is becoming an issue throughout the United States. Modern police pursuits continue to be a highly controversial subject as many end with property damage, personnel injury or death. It is evident courts have started to analyze police chases more in depth, particularly when a tragedy occurs and civil lawsuits are administered. Many police departments have clearly defined pursuit policies that can be effective if the procedures are followed correctly. Incorporating a pursuit policy can accomplish several goals. If a policy is implemented it will provide officers a better understanding as to when and how to manage a police chase. In addition, policies will also help decrease…show more content…
Another 7 percent have discouraging policies that advise officers against pursuits in certain situations but are not as limiting as restrictive policies. Finally, 23 percent of all departments have discretionary or judgmental policies that give officers broad discretion about whether to engage in pursuits (2013). While police departments have policies, “studying and attempting to control high-speed pursuits is made difficult because all pursuits may not be reported by officers” (Walker and Kats, 2013). Many pursuits go unreported because officers are aware they may have violated the department’s policy. While cases go unreported it is clear that just having a written policy is not enough to fix the issue of high-speed chases, therefore new methods and procedures must be applied to properly handle police chases while pleasing the public. New methods of policing continue to be implemented by police departments around the world to enhance the quality of services provided to the community. Technology advancements in the 21st century have directly impacted police departments in many ways. Although police departments have been using technology for some time, the next generation of technology seems to be present, which can produce a positive outlook on…show more content…
The device will help decrease the number of accidents, injuries and deaths caused during police pursuits. I think the device is an effective method to control police pursuits for a number of reasons. In addition to decreasing the number of accidents, injuries and deaths, I think majority of the public would approve of this method for safety reasons. The device protects the general public, bystanders, and also the police by not having to drive at high-speeds through traffic and intersections not knowing if other vehicles see them or not. In addition to safety precautions, the device allows police to track down and arrest the suspect. As the device is relatively new only several police departments have tested the device and a few of the departments have purchased the device. With that said, the police department in St. Petersburg, Florida have installed Star Chase in twelve police cars. According to Fox 13 News, Michael Shingleton stated, “police have used the system about 20 times resulting in 15 arrests” (2014). Although the article does not state how dangerous each pursuit was, these numbers are fascinating and show how effective the device can be for police departments across the

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