Good Girls Go Bad For A Day Analysis

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The article “Good Girls Go Bad, for a Day” by Stephanie Rosenbloom in the book Composing Gender by Rachael Groner and John F. O’Hara discusses how girls Halloween costumes had changed in the past years. That is why I decide to write and explore the evolution in Halloween costumes from silly to 'Sexy'. How costumes had change with the years? Boy and a girl costumes? Are girl’s costumes getting too sexy? Halloween costumes have changed dramatically with the years. Costumes sold in the 80s and early 90s showed longer hemlines, notably more coverage and a marked absence of pleather (Samakow). Every October, little kids wanted to be Superman, star troopers, fireman’s, little princesses, nurses, or teachers; It shows their aspirations for being mature and powerful and that was okay but it should also come with limits. What before was mostly focused in fun and silly costumes today is mostly about naughty and sexy. A lot of parents have real concerns about the appropriateness of Halloween costumes, which are more sexualized and violent than in the past. Instead of competing for the scariest or silliest costumes, nowadays are vying for the sassiest and most risqué getups (Samakow).…show more content…
Dr. Nelson found that even costumes for little girls were gendered. Boys got to be computers while the girls were cupcakes. The female costumes are highly revealing. They are becoming tighter, lower cut, and including less fabric with each year. While the seriousness of this may be a bit lower for young adults and adults, this trend is not just applying to costumes geared towards those age groups (Canning). Even kid costumes have followed this trend over the years. It has started so early that everyone, not only children and teenagers, is becoming accustomed to this

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