Pros And Cons Of Having A Jetpack For Law Enforcement

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Future law enforcement tools Many law enforcement agencies could always use new technology that has been created to help the daily life of an police officer to be more easier and efficient. Currently there is technology that is being researched and under development and one of the technology is exo-skeleton suit. An exoskeleton suit is mobile machine that fits on a human and provides the ability to be stronger, run faster, and jump higher. Powered by a system of motors, hydraulics or Pneumatics. This allows an officer to run more than double his or her original speeds. They reach speeds up to 20 mph and top speeds of 35 mph for shorter distances. Also the suit allows the officer controlling it to lift four times of their own weight without…show more content…
A single pilot controlled jetpack can quickly get someone from point A to point B at a short amount of time. No traffic, to interrupt officers on getting where they need to go and no hassle. It is equipped with two high powered fans, one on each side and is powered by a gasolene engine having the ability to rise roughly fifteen feet per second and cruise at about 60 miles per hour. The pros of having a jetpack for law enforcement, is that it could get to people fast in cases of an emergency it could land in places where helicopters cannot and provide good air patrol. The cons of using a jetpacks is that the tank that holds the gasolene is not large and refueling often will be necessary. The jetpack usage does not break any of the amendments because the use of a jetpack for patrol, similar to a helicopter patrol which does not take away freedom for any civilian on the streets or in public. It is just more of an efficient way of doing patrol on jetpacks rather than helicopters. The jetpack patrol could respond to nearby shootings, carjacking, armed robberies, and other crimes that require a quick…show more content…
A bionic eye could be implanted in officers by choice, had they have lost their eye during the job or by an accident at home. The bionic eye is an artificial eye with a massive amount of technology loaded in it to replace where the bad eye was. It has more features than just having the ability to see like for example face recognition. It could identify anyone that has had a picture taken during the booking process or anyone that is a wanted suspects. Also it would have the potential to scan a vehicle's license plate and detect if the vehicle is wanted or not. The bionic eye also has the ability to see through wooden houses if there are any occupants by using advanced heat signature detection. this works by using a retinal implant connected to a ultra powered heat sensor camera that is in the bionic eye to convert images into electrical impulses that activate retinal cells which then carry the signal back to the brain and creates a vision of what is happening behind that wall. Another useful feature that is accurate and time saving is where the bionic eye scans a room of a crime scene to detect any evidence (blood spatter, weapons, DNA).With the new and advanced technology, the bionic eye would be a powerful way on tracking down criminals rapidly and accurately. There could be amendment issues for this device, it depends on how the officer uses it. For example, if the officer uses his

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