Police Brutality In America Essay

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“Of persons who had forced used or threatened against them by police, an estimated 74% felt those actions were excessive.” It is only in the United States where we see the most conflict with police officers. One would think that is because American citizens cause the most trouble, or commit the most crimes, but that is not the case. In America, there has been constant evidence of police brutality, which is when police officers abuse their power to potentially put the American people in danger, rather than protecting them. Police brutality is a major issue in America and the government tries to hide it from the public. An event where police brutality took place was in Ferguson, Missouri. After the death of Michael Brown, by the hand of a police officer, the city of Ferguson went into peaceful protest, seeking justice. The more people who began protesting, the more officers were sent to come and stop them. The police purposely mistakened this…show more content…
Sandra Bland was pulled over by Texas trooper Brian Encinia for failing to signal her lights when switching lanes. When pulled over, Bland became irritated as she said she moved to the side of the road because Encinia was speeding up and she wanted to get out of his way, this results in her getting a ticket. After a heated discussion, Encinia demands Bland to get out of her vehicle. When she refuses to do so, Encina pulls a gun out on her and she was arrested for a failure to signal. Encinia then tries to make himself appear like he is doing the right thing by saying that she failed to obey a lawful order when he asks her to step out of the car. When another police officer arrives, Encinia subdues Sandra to the ground to handcuff her, as she repeatedly says “You’re about to break my wrist.” The excessive use of force used by a police officer is seen throughout her arrest for what seemed to be a simple failure to signal a lane

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