Essay On Institutional Racism

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Black men are more likely to be killed by police force. Anyone with access to television or the internet knows about all of the police shootings of black people that have been happening these last few years. The shooting of Michael Brown was the first shooting that received a large amount media coverage, and since then it seems like there is a new one in the news every few months. There are many reasons and factors that play into why black people are the ones being killed by the police. Institutional Racism as well as what police officers are taught in training both play a role. Black people are more likely to be killed by police force and it is not fair. America has a long and horrific history of racism and this history plays into the racism that is embedded in the police force today. Racism has been a part of America since the colonies settled in 1607 when black people were bought, enslaved, and used for labor. African people were captured and stolen from their countries in Africa and sold to the people of America. The soldiers in the colonies would capture or kill enslaved people who had escaped or tried to escape from their owner. This continued for hundreds of years until slavery was abolished in 1865. Even after slavery was abolished racism still…show more content…
Institutional racism is defined as a pattern of social institutions such as governmental organizations, schools, banks, and courts of law giving negative treatment to a group of people based on their race. Institutional racism is a big part of America. Racism has been embedded into some of the United States’ police forces. It is so planted into the police forces that it seems normal and it is easily brushed off. The Ferguson Police Department is an example of how racism is woven into the police force. The United States Department of Justice even found that the Ferguson Police Department has a pattern of violating the 14th

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