Mary Ann Butsko's Case Summary

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Ms. Mary Ann Butsko is a Nurse II, Bachelors educated RN in the Perioperative Unit (OR).. Her function includes safely assuring and assisting the patients to navigate the surgical pre-operative, intra-operative, and immediate post-operative processes. This role incorporates preoperative review of existing assessment information ensuring completeness of surgical records/data, implementing any immediate surgical/anesthesia orders, communicate pre-operative medical changes, and act as advocate for patient safety through patient centered care. This evaluation is based from Ms Butsko’ performance from the observation of the rater and from Ms Butsko’ input. I. PRACTICE DIMENSION • Ms Mary Ann Butsko, is a competent OR nurse who can circulate varied cases and scrub for general surgical cases. She diligently informs the physician and refers the patients to anesthesia in a timely manner for any changes in the patient’s conditions. She keeps the nurse manager informed of necessary occurrences in a timely manner. • She assesses the patient’s learning needs related to pre- and post-op expectations and explains procedures to them to help alleviate any anxiety. Along with the nurse manager and flow coordinator nurse, she problem solves issues related to informed consents, H & P, problems…show more content…
She continues to improve her organizational skills and prioritizing of tasks to have a non-chaotic atmosphere during the perioperative phase. When assigned a task, Ms Butsko takes the responsibility to complete the task willingly and with enthusiasm. This is evident as she team up with two other nurses in designing and standardizing the Surgical Count Sheet and Surgical Count Board. She continues to volunteer to work OT within her regular tour of duty, and willingly assist to stay beyond her regular tour to assist with staffing needs, and providing safe patient

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