David And Tally In The Uglies

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Summer Reading Project Uglies By: T.K. Polevoy KNOWLEDGE Question #2, Identify the relationships of the characters in the story to one another (not just familial relationships). How do the characters’ interactions with one another affect the story’s outcome? One important relationship in the book is David and Tally. David and Tally's relationship is like a boyfriend/girlfriend type of relationship. They became very close while working together in the Smoke. They developed a crush on each other and David started to trust Tally. David told her some secrets of the Smoke and the Uglies. After Tally got this revelation, she started questioning herself if she really wanted to betray the Smoke and complete her mission. After David trusted Tally…show more content…
Did you enjoy the story? Why or why not? Tally, an Ugly is waiting to turn 16 so she can become a Pretty and have an awesome life. When her friend (Shay) runs away to the Smoke, she is met by the Specials before she is about to turn pretty. They want her to go find the Smoke, to find Shay and send a signal from her locket so the Specials can find the Smoke and "rescue" Shay and her friends. The specials threaten her that if she did not do this, she will be an Ugly forever. She accepts the mission and heads to the Smoke with clues that Shay left. She arrives in the smoke and about to betray the smoke but she almost got caught, so she didn't send the signal. She learns the Smokie life and meets David. David and Tally develop a relationship and David tells Tally some secrets. She now knows about how corrupt society is and how becoming a Pretty is horrendous. She decides she does not want to betray the Smoke and throws the locket into the fire. The Specials showed up because the fire destroyed the locket, which sends a signal to the Specials, which was not Tally's intent. The Specials start rounding up the Smokies and destroying the Smoke. David and Tally are the only ones that escaped the Specials and now on their own. They decided to go and rescue the Smokies at the Special's HQ. When they were rescuing the Smokies, Shay turned pretty and David's father got killed. They all fled to the forest and started creating a…show more content…
Most exciting? Most meaningful? Most relatable? The most interesting part of the story was learning the truth about the Pretties. The truth was that turning pretty makes you attractive, but also changes your mind. I thought that was so gruesome and crazy that they did that to people. The most exciting part was when Tally and David were rescuing the Smokies. It was very suspenseful, but I was relieved when they got out of time and nearly escaped the Specials. The most meaningful part was when Tally gave up herself up to the city so she could be cured. It was sad to see her leave, but she was very brave and I am happy of her decision to risk her life to save others. She is very selfless. The most relatable is where Tally feels worthless and thinks only about her flaws. I have been in that situation where I wanted to be more attractive or have a more fun social life. We all have been. I feel for Tally about wanting to become pretty at first so she can have a fun life and look

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