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Andrianna Ezell Ms. Brandi Clark 22 September 2014 British Lit. Friendship and Loyalty The story Beowulf it focuses on the difference between the good and bad in people. Beowulf is the hero or better yet the God of all the people. In the battle that he takes on is a monster from Cain whose name was Grendel. Without the support of Beowulf’s friends he would’ve never defeated all of the battles with the monsters. He had the support of his friends Wiglaf and Hrothgar. Beowulf decides to make a vow that no matter what happen even if it took his life that he was going to protect his world .(Beowulf line 115-122 ) The people in Beowulf’s kingdom put all of their trust and loyalty into him to serve their kingdom. Everybody in the kingdom became close friends with him. Beowulf first decided to make the vow to fight all of the monsters when he first realizes that he was the only one with no family to depend on. He knew from the start that he would be the right match for Grendel. The first…show more content…
When a monster came and killed half of their people they called Beowulf for help. To the Geats he showed that he was a true friend. He put his life on the edge just to keep them safe. Beowulf could’ve gave up or simply said that he didn’t want to do it, but instead he hung in there and didn’t give up. Even after years past and Beowulf begin to get old he still stuck in there. As Beowulf begins to grown old he notices that when he first started off fighting he had no one, but his self. Now that time has passed and more friends became to come along if something were to happen to him they would be devastated about it. They have grown to love and care for Beowulf for all of things that he have done for them. At his last battle he wanted to be able to leave a piece of him behind. But he had no son or no family to leave anything with. I would leave my armor to my son, now if God had given me on. (Line

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