Graduation Speech: Speech For The Graduation Speech

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Graduation speech Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi Wa Barakat uh Good evening distinguished guests, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, friends, teachers, our beloved admin, and, of course, last but not least the beautiful, amazing, guests of honor also known as the senior graduates of 2016. Welcome to the graduation ceremony for the graduating class of 2016. I am proud to be representing the voices of my fellow seniors on this final day of our high school career. And I am sure the lot of us would truly agree that it has been quite a career. To say that it was easy would most definitely be an exaggeration, well more like a lie actually. To say it was hard, now that would most definitely be an honest truth, because high school can be quite a handful: its demand for good grades, perfect GPA, moderate social life, its never-ending list of rules…show more content…
You see, I was once asked if I could sum up my high school experience in one word what would it be, so I said interesting; how so exactly, well here’s a little story that might see how: the other day my friends and I were walking to class then all of a sudden one of them said “I’m really gonna miss this hallway” and that statement to anyone is just plain weird, I mean why would you miss a hallway or stairs or anything concrete for that matter, but at that moment none of us really found it weird, we basically all agreed with her, because she had a point. You see it’s not the concrete of that hallway that’s going to be missed but the memories. The memories
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