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STATURE AND PERCUTANEOUS TIBIAL LENGTH Stature : It is the body height of an individual in standing position presents the distance between the top of the head (the vertex) and the bottom of the feet and the both leg should be kept parallel to each other with both feet joined together and the great toe should face forward, the person should stand barefooted and should maintain the anatomical position of the body with the head adjusted should be in Frankfurt plane [22]. Height is the fundamental and most important factor for assessing the growth and nutrition of human being and it is also useful for calculating the total surface area of the body of human being. Many anthropological studies has proved that the size of limb and the limb bone and…show more content…
 In the field of pharmacokinetics the exact height measurement as well as the measurement of body weight is very much useful for pharmacokinetics parameter estimation and this type of measurement is also useful in finding the nutritional status of human being.  There are number of patient having many diseases as well as some deformities due to which the accurate measurement of the height is not possible and it is very much useful for them also. The stature is the most valuable and the major indicator of the total body size of a person by determining the total length of a bone. [21]. The different body segment and its length as well as different part of a bone and it length are used by the scientist in their study to explain the growth and maturation of the human body and these are also used to diagnose any dysmorphology of the body of the human being. If the body of the human being has been mutilated then there are various parameter which are used by the Anthropologist to determine the approximate stature of the human beings and these are…show more content…
In such circumstances, body height estimation has to be derived from other reliable anthropometric indicators, such as hand and foot lengths, leg length, percutaneous tibial length, length of sternum, length of vertebral column, arm span and facial measurement etc. [24] Therefore, to estimate body height all these anthropometric indicators are used as an alternative in predicting age related loss in body

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