The Importance Of Surface Electromyography

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 INTRODUCTION The upper-limb movements are essential for the human basic activities, such as lifting object, typing word, writing and etc. Some of peoples have loss of physically ability like disables to carry out daily activities and leads to poor quality life, and injured person to perform basic upper-limb activities. To overcome this problem, the existing of robotic system have been develop to assist daily life motions and rehabilitation of physically fragile people. That why it needed Electromyography to study muscle movement through the inquiry of the electrical signal the muscles give off and it is also used to detect the muscle movement to find out the force, torque and angle from robot arm movement.…show more content…
EMG amplitude is defined as the time varying standard deviation of the surface EMG. Surface EMG (SEMG) provides a measure of the muscular effort and also serves as an input to EMG to force models, myoelectric prosthesis, gait analysis, motion control studies, and other applications. During isometric contractions and muscle length in upper-limb the elbow angle must be considered as one of the factors on the maximum muscle force. For example, the data will generate the single curve, suggesting that joint angle or muscle length. It does not have a significant effect on the angle-EMG relationship of the upper-limb muscle during load carried. Simulations it useful insight about the kind of data that needed to be collected and the length of data to be controlled in experimental studies. Moreover, for the angle measurement during this research, goniometer is used to calibrate and carried out several of angles. EMG amplitudes area a noisy signal and therefore, the impedance estimate could be noisy and it would be useful to know the accuracy of estimation in the presence of…show more content…
The measurement of signal reliability and muscle activation haven been recorded by using Surface Electromyography (SEMG) to analysis the strongest electrical signal when the athletes are spotting in running, jumping, throwing and etc. 1.4.2 Medical Research EMG is one of the device that detect the electrical signal and it is also help for medical diagnosis because some disease or condition of person’s like they having the signs and symptoms of Neuromuscular disease. So, this case of disease needed EMG to detect functioning of the muscle which is directly link to nervous system in human. Moreover, it’s also used for detect functional neurology like person’s having disorders include cerebrovascular accident (stroke), Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease (Huntington’s Chorea) and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. In this case, the electromyography (EMG) is very useful for the signal of muscle movement to overcome or analysis the disease to find out the ways to overcome it. 1.4.3

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