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Correlations in body proportions and dimensions have been established within and between races (Williams et al., 1995), amongst individuals of diverse sex, age and between people living under different conditions (Risely, 1915). Physical anthropology depends mainly on external measurements, data and descriptions of the human body, and particular, upon the skeleton. These measurements are important in the analysis and classification of fossil remains, as well as the study of living population (Alex et al., 1996). In clinical assessment of a child with short or tall stature, it is very necessary to include a measurement of head circumference, for example, a short child born small for gestational age (SGA) with a small head circumference has an increased risk of a defect in the insulin-like growth factor (Walenkamp et al., 2006). Growth charts of head circumference for age are available for different ethnic groups (Fredricks et al., 2000) and usually an head circumference of more than two standard deviation scores (SDS) above or below the mean of the reference population at a given age and sex is considered abnormal. Waist circumference is one of the most practical tools to assess abdominal fat for chronic disease risk and during weight loss…show more content…
The mean value of the head circumference for males and head circumference for females was presented as 56.56±1.33mm and 56.63±1.36mm respectively and the mean value of the waist circumference for male and female was presented as 67.77±5.63mm and 73.03±7.59mm.From the result of the group statistics, it showed that there is a significant difference between the head and waist circumference of the males and female subjects. The result further shows that the females have larger head and waist circumference compared to the males and there was a relationship between the head and waist

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