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Chapter-4 4.1 Operation and monitoring For the peaceful stay in the hotel the security is very important. In view of this defence systems are very important .The entire defence systems can be categorized as monitoring system and security systems. 4.1.1 Monitoring system: In the monitoring system a wireless sensor network can be used. The networking system contains two categories. Namely, • External Monitoring system. • Internal Monitoring System. 4.1.2. External Monitoring System The External Monitoring system contains RADARS for detecting the externals attackers. we also use different robots for attacking the external enemies. warrior satellite monitoring systems will be used which can Simultaneously process thousands of Radio Frequency carriers…show more content…
The initial layer of security for building, office, or other physical space can be done through environmental design to deter threats. To achieve this, few basic ideas are: having warning signs, window stickers, fences, vehicle barriers, height definitions for vehicles, security lighting and access denied points for restricted entry. 4.3.3 Physical security Physical security includes man guarding, boundaries such as fence, compound And other barriers. This helps in protecting any property or valuables from external resource/ instructor. Tall fencing with barbed wire, razor wire or metal spikes are often emplaced on the perimeter of a property, generally with some type of signage that warns people not to enter. • Security lighting is another effective form of deterrence. Unauthorized persons are less likely to enter to the areas as there will be fear of being seen. Doors, gates, and other entrances, in particular, should be well lit to allow close observation of people entering and…show more content…
The use of turnstiles also reduces the need for additional physical security in the form of security guards to monitor each individual entering the premises by accommodating faster throughput. An additional sub-layer of mechanical/electronic access control protection is reached by integrating a key management system to manage the possession and usage of mechanical key to lock property within a building or campus. Policies and procedures can be made which includes the ingress into restricted area as part of Identification systems and access policies. An example of this is the deployment of security personnel conducting checks for authorized entry at predetermined points of entry. This form of access control is usually determined by digital access/logical access to authorized

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