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To ensure your office or home space is comfortable to live in especially in Singapore which experiences a hot and humid weather, you need to have your aircon functioning at its optimal level. The working of your air conditioner depends on how frequently it is serviced. You cannot afford to downplay the importance of of having an aircon that is working properly in Singapore. Apart from making the temperature bearable and comfortable to live in, it also improves the quality of air you inhale by removing any dust that may be in the air. As you embark on servicing your air conditioner, it is important to assess whether you can do the servicing yourself or you need a professional to do it on your behalf. There are simple procedures that you can do yourself making hiring of a professional time-wasting and unnecessary. Such include cleaning the filters or removing debris and dust that may have landed on the external areas of the air conditioner. However, there are those repairs, such measuring and…show more content…
Given that air conditioners use electricity, you can be easily electrocuted by the faulty electrical parts. Such eventualities may be very tragic. To avoid such from taking place, one should ensure the faults are noticed on tine and repaired for safety of those operating the system. This is possible if regular servicing is usually done. Makes it easy to claim your warranty. There may be those cases where the air conditioner may stop working unexpectedly in the middle of a very hot weather. If you were properly servicing it, it is easy to obtain compensation from where you bought it. This kind of arrangement may not be possible if you were using the aircon carelessly. CONS OF AIRCON SERVICING. It may be expensive. Aircon servicing, especially where a professional is hired may be very expensive to those involved. This is especially so if you are doing the servicing very frequently or you need to replace part of the air

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