Photosynthesis Lab Report

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Discussion: The rate of photosynthesis is dependent on the light intensity and the chloroplasts. Spinach was blended and used in this lab for the chloroplasts. Cuvette one solution was clear with a tint of green, it included phosphate buffer, distilled water, and unboiled chloroplasts. The green colour in the solution was the chloroplasts. No DPIP was added to the solution so therefore the colour did not change. Each time after 6, 13, and 20 minutes in light, the transmittance was adjusted on the spectrophotometer to 100 because all light was being absorbed. Based on theory, this is what should have happened. Cuvette two was a dark blue coloured solution that included phosphate buffer, distilled water, DPIP and unboiled chloroplasts. The colour came from the dye. The test tube was wrapped in foil, and then sat in light for 6, 13,…show more content…
The dark colour came from the dye. This solution sat in light for 6, 13, and 20 minute time periods and then measured with the spectrophotometer. After each time period in the light, the transmittance percentage increased or decreased by least than 1%. The colour of the solution remained the same during the whole lab. From theory, the transmittance percentage would have not increased because the chloroplasts were boiled which denatures the chloroplasts along with the enzyme so they no longer function properly and cannot photosynthesize. DPIP was not able to be reduced by the boiled chloroplasts. If boiled chloroplasts could reduce DPIP, the solution would have turned clear. A source of error for all cuvettes could have occurred from the way they were placed down in front of the light. The test tube may have not been positioned in the exact same way. This can cause more light to enter one spot and less to enter another, therefore potentially affecting our results to not be as accurate as they could have

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