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Latin Love The sound of salsa music; the smell of rice and beans; and the vibrant colors of clothing define who Hispanics really are. Being Latina Is more than just speaking in Spanish, it’s a beautiful way of life that fills others with happiness. The way Latins present themselves through the numerous amounts of elements that define them are embedded into their genes being spread all over the world. Being Hispanic is a wonderful thing that should be shared with every culture. The music Hispanics sing, dance, and listen to are essential to being Hispanic. From bachata to salsa, Hispanics have all the right rhythm and beats to get anyone off of their feet and onto the dance floor. Different types of Hispanic music play different roles in a Hispanics life. The music Hispanics listen to makes them who they are and differentiates Hispanics from other cultures. Hearing Marc Anthony’s Aguanile or Don Omar’s Danza Kuduro at 9:00am on Saturday means it’s time to get the house cleaning done. Hearing more reggaeton type music or salsa means it’s time to party. These types of music bring the Hispanic culture closer and is the perfect representation of…show more content…
Vibrant blues, greens, yellows, and oranges make Hispanics stand out in crowds of hundreds. Style is something that comes second nature to Hispanics. They mix and match variations of lengths, shapes, textures and layers to make eyes turn even at the simplest events. Hispanics have a keen sense for fashion and style and it always show. Hispanics wear different types of clothing to symbolize being a Hispanic. Traditional approaches include Charro suit in the Mexican culture or even Bordado Richelieu in the Brazilian culture. Celebrations of all types can be distinguished based on clothing. The colors of different Hispanic flags being worn in crowds at festivals creating rays of rainbows define what Hispanics are all

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