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Photosynthesis Lab Report Abstract- The main purpose and objective of this lab is to determine if the consumption of carbon dioxide requires light or not during the process of photosynthesis. To complete this experiment the negative control is put under two different tests. Placing one test tube with no plant and exposed to light and the other test tube with the plant and no light exposure. Even though light is not required for the consumption of carbon dioxide, the hypothesis was not supported by the recorded data. Introduction- Light energy is the main force and the major input that helps photosynthesis occur. Photosynthesis produces and releases oxygen for us but is creates glucose and makes food for itself to continue this process over and over again. Light is also used to drive this process and only certain wave lengths of light can be absorbed by photosystem I and photosystem II. This experiment if light needs to be absorbed to complete the consumption of carbon dioxide in photosynthesis.…show more content…
One test tube is to contain the elodea plant and the phenol red solution in the presence of no light. The other test tube will contain solely the phenol red solution and full exposure to light, in this case a light bulb. The phenol red solution is a very bright pink color and it is required that you expose this solution to carbon dioxide by simply blowing on it. This will change the solution from the bright pink color to a very bright yellow solution. The test tube containing the plant needs to be wrapped in aluminum foil to prevent any exposure to light. The other test tube is placed under the light. On each tube a 1mm pipet is to be placed in the stopper on the test tubes. The data is recorded in five minute intervals. The independent variables for this experiment were the light and time. The dependent variables are the plant and the phenol red

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