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Yankee stadium, located in the Bronx, NY is home to the most storied franchise not only in Major league baseball, but in all of professional sports. With a legendary franchise, comes a legendary stadium filled with prestige memories, hall of fame players, and one of the most unique stadium experiences in the MLB. The Yankees spent over 80 years in the old Yankee Stadium before starting their new project for a new stadium in 2006. The transition seemed easy as the Yankees won their 27th World Championship in 2009, the first year of the new stadium. Much preparation and intricate design plans went into this state of the art stadium and is one of the ballparks on everyone’s “bucket list” they want to experience. As stated above, the ground…show more content…
From winning 26 World Series, having legends play on that field, many memories were made there. The original stadium was nicknamed “the house that Babe built” as George Herman Ruth established himself as arguably the greatest baseball player of all time and winning championship after championship all while establishing numerous statistics in the record books. Cracks were beginning to form in the old stadium, renovations needed to be made, and new era baseball fields were popping up around the league, so the legacy was forced to come to an end as Populous, “a group of innovators, groundbreakers and visionaries who are a global collective of architects, designers, technical experts and industry veterans” took on the task of creating a new American icon (populous.com). Populous’s goal in this process is to serve “as a container of emotions to capture the revelry and pride needed to carry the most storied franchise in American sport into the next generation” (populous.com). There was a unique innovation when designing the new Yankee Stadium and it all goes back to the old Yankee Stadium. Then new stadium is “illustrated in glass, steel and limestone, the ballpark’s skin is highlighted by a four-story limestone and granite façade inspired by the 1923 Bronx Stadium. The signature frieze from the original ballpark was recreated as a…show more content…
This is an area of the stadium, notably center field, where the organization recognizes former Yankee greats such as great performances or hall of famers. There are precisely 31 members in the history of the Yankees who have been honored at Monument Park, all of which but one have plaques there. There are also 18 players that have had their number retired. Requirements for this honor are long as it takes years and years to determine who is worthy enough as a Yankee to have their jersey retired. Much of it is based on their impact both on and off the field as member of the Yankees. The next honor that is at Monument Park are five large red granite blocks which represent only 6 Yankees which is the highest honor. Those 6 individuals are Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Manager Miller Huggins, and owner George

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