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When a person changes his or her name, whether it is through marriage or through a court order, it is important for them to send a name change notification letter to any personal, businesses or government organization contacts. The most common reasons for changing a name are adoption, marriage and divorce. The bride or groom does not need a court order to change a name when they get married. The new last name should be written on the marriage license and marriage certificate. For a divorce, the judge can usually give the woman her maiden name by putting it on the Decree of Dissolution. The person should make sure they have the official paperwork about the name change, including court papers, marriage certificate and divorce degree before writing a name change notification letter. Waiting will also help the person preserve his or her good…show more content…
This is mainly to protect against identity theft. In some states, it is required to advertise a new name in the newspaper. The person can find his or her state’s protocol on the state government’s official website. Friends and family may be notified on social media or with a personal phone call, but official documents such as bank statements, medical records, credit cards and social security cards will continue to have the previous name unless it is officially changed with a name change notification letter. A letter is the best way to inform employees, customers and officials because most people take a letter more seriously than an email and a copy of the official name-change notification can be enclosed with the letter. If the person needs to inform a government agency or bank, there may be name change forms that need to be included with the letter. Many people use their name in their email address. The name change letter should also include a new email address, if applicable. Other places where the name occurs should be changed such as: • Email signature •

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