A Reflection Of Writing My Prayer For My Children

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For My Children God, bless the children; all the children of the world. Make them rich in spirit and healthy as a pearl. Keep them from all the contamination of everyday life. Keep their paths straight and smooth, so they won’t be treated as dice. Because dice are used in many grown-up games, They shouldn’t be penalized for their parents’ shame. God, please bless all the little girls and boys; For theirs is a happy world filled with many joys. Pray, I must, for them as hard as I can. For they must grow up flexible, so as to bend. Bend to the many changes that come with responsibility; Bend and not break as they reach maturity. God, I pray for all the children in the world today. ‘Cause unless you protect them, they all may stray. Stray away from the positive elements in your creations.…show more content…
So, For My Children and those I’m not to claim, Because this man-made world identifies us, not by heart, but by name; I write this prayer and hope that its words will inspire, All the beautiful children to take peace, joy and happiness a little bit higher. My Prayer If ever there was a wish that could be called all mine, I’d wish to write My Prayer for generations to respect in whatever time. It would be written for even the narrowest of minds to understand; yet, logical enough for a scientist doing research on man’s pituitary gland. Yes, My Prayer would be one that’s universal in every sense of the world. It would be written with all of God’s positives, with a sound never before heard. If time allows me to continue, same as the hopes you now share, too. Maybe, My Prayer will become a reality to last even after our life is through. It will be nice! The Angels Did Sing! “Noel, Noel”, the words we’re told The Angels Did Sing! All over the world the message of peace and hope did ring. A lot of time has passed since that blessed occasion took

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