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The Way Ahead for eGovernance – Interoperable Systems A Whitepaper Manu Shukla April, 2017 Abstract The information dependent society today has been possible because of the increasing innovatory changes using IT and governance to its best across the world. It is a known fact, that the Governments not just in India but across the Globe today are utilizing ICT to ensure bringing forward effective, efficient, reliable and transparent governance for the people. The service delivery has moved from government offices to online platforms, thereby providing all services of the government to entrepreneurs, business houses, residents, people working in and for the Government, as well as the non-profit world. The Governments across the world have moved…show more content…
An integrated Government needs integrated interoperable platforms that work in a coherent and seamless manner across the system to provide quality delivery of services to everyone. Majority IT environment across the world today is a practical “green field”, which calls for well defined policies and standards for interoperable information management. It is the key to ensure that the current systems as well as the new systems of eGovernance are architected to provide ultimate interoperability, which is a pre-requisite for an integrated and better government. The Fences to Interoperability Interoperability by meaning, is being collaborative in nature. It is a very vast term, and has an extremely vast scope of implementation. However, with growing technologies, and the new state-of-the-art technological platforms coming up, interoperability is an absolutely reachable…show more content…
These are essential ingredients for interoperability and the framework should be designed to ensure that information for government services is available anytime, anywhere, to anyone who is authorised to access it, across all possible channels. An Interoperable eGovernance Framework should be a set of guidelines, technical standards, and policies achieving interoperability of government data and information resources, ICT and electronic business

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