Short Essay On Pest Control

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Pesticides are a crucial factor in the way we live today. They benefit human beings by allowing us to control the behavior of pests, but they harm the environment and anything that they are exposed to the chemical. Pesticides include herbicide, rodenticide, fungicide, repellents, algaecides, and many other types used to control pests. Although there are many types of pesticides, the most common use of pesticides is to prevent pests from harming crops. Pests have existed since ancient times and even dates back to 2500 BC, when Ancient Sumerians used sulfur to control mites/insects (Jones, p.31)[1]. “Science was not used in any organized or rigorous manner to address pest control problems until the rise of the scientific method (generally associated with Francis Bacon), and its application particularly by the beginning of the 18th Century.…show more content…
About the same time (1944), selective synthetic organic herbicides were discovered, starting with 2,4-D which revolutionized weed control in agriculture and elsewhere.” [2] These chemicals enabled scientists to invest their time on creating pesticides that would reduce the environmental impact that pesticides can do. Yet, they have not figured out a way to nullify the environmental damage and harmful effects they cause. Throughout history, pesticides were used with the intention to help society but there are prices to pay when using such chemicals. Pesticides benefit us, human beings, by allowing us to manage pests that carry harmful diseases, benefits agriculture, and they have a positive impact on the economy. On the contrary, pesticides are harmful to the environment, pests genetically grow more resistant, and are toxic to

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