Analysis Of Not A Click Away: Joseph Kony In The Real World

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‘ Not a Click Away: Joseph Kony in the Real World ‘ written by Dinaw Mengestu exposes the reality that lies in front of us. Kony 2012 was vital in raising awareness amongst millions of people and igniting a self-responsibility to take action against Joseph Kony. “if we’re not here… it’s like it never happened” ( reporter 2006 ), this is crucial in realising that Kony 2012 needed to take place as Joseph Kony had almost been forgotten in some places and not even known in others. Kony 2012 promotes a seemingly viable solution to stopping Joseph Kony. “Kony 2012 is the most successful example of the recent activist movement” ( Dinaw 2012 ) . Before Kony 2012 there wasn’t much activism and now with the millions of followers that Kony 2012 has brought , it can still be seen as inadequate support as by merely liking or sharing a social media post , no actual aid is given. “ The real star of Kony 2012 isn’t Joseph Kony , it us” (Dinaw 2012). We are the solution to stopping Joseph Kony, and that cannot be done by clicking a button on social media. In the real world , there is one man constantly on the move, in a vast territory with multiple violent groups. There needs to be activism amongst the follow and supporters of the Invisible…show more content…
“ Change has never come with a click or a tweet “ (Dinaw 2012) , we do not live in a superficial world that exists through technology , rather reality which has its problems but then we have the potential to be the

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