Mermaid Short Story

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Once upon a time there was a child who dreamed of being a beautiful mermaid. Her name is Cally but she preferred Ariel. But her mom said she couldn't change her name. At nine years old she was too old to believe in mermaids at least that's what her friends said. Cally thought mermaids were magical creatures. Magical because they could play with sea animals and swim forever. Cally was lucky to live on the coast. She was able to go to the beach nearly every day in the summer time. One day she went to the beautiful beach in San Diego. She instantly went into the blue water. Cally was just swimming along when she saw a green tail, not a whale tail, something 1 more scaly perhaps. A mermaid! Her instincts told her she just had to follow it. She went as fast as she could swim. It’s a good thing she knew how to swim because she has been taking swim classes since she was three years old. Cally loved the beach! She loved to build sandcastles while watching the waves crash on the shore. She also loved to search for sea creatures in the sand. What Cally loved the most about the ocean was swimming in the calm waves.…show more content…
“Hey, wait up Id like to talk to you!” Cally shouted. As the mermaid turned around and swam closer Cally was amazed to see how beautiful the mermaid was. The mermaid had bright blue eyes and shiny white teeth that seemed to sparkle. Her orange hair was long 2 and flowing in the water. The mermaid's tail was shiny and green. The mermaid didn't seem scared of Cally at all. She didn't seem alarmed that she had been seen by the little girl. The two talked about life as a mermaid, life as a person living on land and their friends. After they had talked they became quick friends. Cally and the mermaid saw each other a few more times over the summer. Finally, the mermaid granted Cally mermaid powers. They talked more about being a mermaid and
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