Persuasive Essay On Addiction

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No matter what reason you may have for getting into rehab, there is will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. Addiction is one of the most common reasons and it is definitely a serious matter to attend to. Unfortunately, a lot of people think that rehab wouldn’t really help you at all, that is it just so expensive that it wouldn’t really be worth it. However, these are just all misconceptions especially if the person is willing to do whatever it takes to get better. It is simply mind over matter, if you are not willing to help yourself, then rehab is useless, but if you are willing to open your mind and give it a try, then you’ve got a chance of a better life. Here are a couple of more reasons why rehab is actually a good choice for you: “You are not an alcoholic or an addict, you are not incurable diseased. You have merely become dependent on…show more content…
A person who is struggling must be willing to get help by getting into a rehabilitation center. While they are staying there, they will get better at their own pace, no rush and pressure, because your recovery is on your own terms. No one will make you don’t anything that you don’t want to do, there will be times that you will be asked to do certain things that could help your situation, but you wouldn’t be forced to do it right away. YOU’RE ENCOURAGED TO GET BETTER When you get admitted to a rehabilitation center, you will most likely to have a treatment plan, so that you can get better at your own pace and they would know how they could help you out. This treatment plan is basically personalized and it will include the fact that it will help you develop healthy habits that you can try once you are released, especially when it comes to eating, sleeping, and other recreation depending on your case. You are definitely encouraged to get better with the help of your treatment

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