Personnel Management And Human Resource Management Case Study

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Chapter 1: Understand the Difference between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management Al Asmars Scrap Co L.L.C The company founded at April 1985, founder Tariq Aziz Uh Rehmen, who is former employee of other company that made him decide to run a new business which is scrap business specializing heavy vehicles, trucks and all type of metals. Their mission is to provide good and fast customer service that will satisfied the costumer. It’s located in Industrial Area # 2, Sharjah Landmark. MISSION STATEMENTS “A sentence describing a company's function, markets and competitive advantages; a short written statement of your business goals and philosophies” The main mission of Al Asmars Company is to provide care and good service…show more content…
They also handle human behavior, planning, recruiting, selecting, induction, interviewing, giving the terms and condition of the company, they also give some benefits and rewards and many more that are related in human needs. Personnel Management is a person that works as an individual employee in the organization while Human Resource Management is a group that works as a team in an organization. Line Manager - Line manager is the highest position in all the position within the organization. One main role of the line manager is to seek and provide all the needs of the all employees. Functions of HR:  Recruitment and selecting- hiring one of the applicant for the given position.  HR health and safety- assuring that the HR provide health and safety environment to the organization. And the company is responsible to what will happen bad or accidentally to the employee.  Employee’s relationship- wherein the HR should help the employee for their difficulties and encourage them to work as a team. And preventing to all the employees to be cooperative and to follow the rules and regulation regarding to the given…show more content…
Whether it is internal recruitment or external recruitment.  Interview / Written Test: one of the due process to know more better the applicant and how they can handle the given situation. For example:  Discussion or explanatory interview- wherein the HR Manager gives a situation to the applicant then the applicant should explain it briefly and clearly.  Short-listing: reducing the applicants that don’t stand out with the qualification and in the interview. Internal Recruitment- recruiting inside the company itself. External Recruitment- recruiting outside the company. Selection- a process that the HR should make a decision already whom he or she will hired already for the vacant position. Process:  Reviewing the short-list: going back to the applicants that reduce such as their skill evaluation or their backgrounds.  Application verification: if there still willing to pursue this job and checking some details or information.  Final Interview: giving another interview for the remaining candidates.  Decision Making: the HR made a decision already to be hired.

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