Disadvantages Of Electronic Filing

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The type of research conducted is EXPLORATORY research that is a study done to derive at new insights into a problem. It is even done to look at a problem from a different angle. DATA COLLECTION METHOD Data collection is an elaborate process in which the researcher make a planned researchfor all relevant data. Data is foundation of all market research. Data are facts may be obtained from several sources. Data can be classified as ; Primary data Secondary data Both methods are used for collecting data. CHAPTER – 5 DATA ANALYSIS I learned there e- filing and how to file ITR. I file ITR 1 there. It is easy to file ITR 1 as it is for salaried person. First thing is to login yourself at site www.incometaxindiaefiling. gov.in. Then we have…show more content…
It is emailed by Income Tax Department. In case you don’t get an acknowledgement then send ITR 5 again. I also learned about advantages of e-filing and disadvantages of manual filing which is discussed in findings. CHAPTER – 6 FINDINGS As after filing return I found that e-filing is better than manual filing as e-filing is very easy procedure whereas manual filing takes lot of time and afford. As manual filing required lots of manual computation whereas there is no manual computation in e-filing. There should be knowledge about tax slab and computation tax liability for filing return. More chances of error in manual filing hence e-filing is more better. Majority of people satisfied with different aspects of e-filing. Benefits of e-filing- • Easy procedure • Save time • No requirement of pages • Acknowledgement slip can be sign manually or digitally by an assessee • Very less chances of mistake • Return can be filed at any time day or night • Tax payers privacy and security is assured • Accessibility is not allowed 24x7x365 • Fast refund Disadvantages of manual filing- • Complicated procedure • Do not save time • More requirement of…show more content…
Filing of return can be manual or online. But the person who is filing return should have proper knowledge about ITR. Assessee gets refund automatically if excess tax is paid and there is interest charge by assessing Officer for late filing. He also does all types of assessment. It is very important to compute right tax liability for filing return. ITR also helps to avoid tax evasion and tax avoidance. Assessee gets benefit of filing ITR like it is income evidence etc. There is proper time for filing return and interest for late filing. As I already explained about ITR, PAN, filing of ITR, manual filing, e-filing, rectification of mistakes, timing for filing return etc. And e-filing is very easy procedure and very less chances of error as compared to manual filing. There is lots of benefits of e-filing it saves time also. At last it should be very good if any person file ITR through online or

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