Interview In Late Adulthood

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Introduction This paper endeavors to evaluate how a person within late adulthood has been impacted by larger systems within their environment. Furthermore, this paper will examine how changes throughout history have influenced the person’s life course trajectory. In an effort to evaluate these factors, an interview of a person in late adulthood was conducted. To gain a clearer understanding of how these factors influence a person within late adulthood, feminist theory and the empowerment prospective were applied to evaluate how these aspects have impacted the interviewee’s life experiences. Thus, gleaning from the interviewee’s own experiences, the interviewee’s developmental strengths and weaknesses were compared and contrasted to normative…show more content…
She graduated from high school, and went on to college and attained her teaching degree. After teaching for several years, she married a pilot in the United States Marines. During the war in Vietnam, her husband was killed and she was windowed for the first time. At the time of her husband’s death, she was pregnant with her third child. Shortly after she delivered her third child, she met and married my grandfather, who had five children of his own. She lived with him until his recent death last year. Prior to my grandfather’s death, she and my grandfather had amassed a significant amount of wealth. She is currently financially, and physically independent and lives at home…show more content…
In addition, I discussed any physical impairments and cognitive impairments that might hinder functioning. When asked about these areas of concern, she reported no difficulty in completing daily living tasks, reported no difficulty in cognitive functioning and reported physical health. In addition, her base line of intelligence has always been well above average, and she appears to still be functioning within that high level of cognitive ability. Though she reports, “Occasionally, I realize that I take longer than I used to recalling facts. It takes longer for my brain to recall some information, but I’m always learning about new things. I think we should all be life-time learners.” She further stated, “I don't have any problems doing anything around the house. If I don’t do something it’s because I choose not to do it. I don’t climb latters anymore. I also hate cooking, so since your grandfather passed, I’ve stopped cooking all together.” Concerning her health, she went on to mention that she had had cancer five years ago but that she has been free of cancer ever since. She stated, “ I think that I must have good genes. I don’t know when my time will come, but I hope to stay busy until then. My mother stayed busy and lived alone until she passed at 92.” My grandmother went on to state, “I have 6 bridge groups that I am a part of and they each

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