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Mine vs. Ours Mary Gandara After reviewing the NASW’s code of ethics I have realized that my personal values and the values contained in the code do have similarities more similarities than differences. My own personal ethical values are sincerity, respect, trust, being open-minded and devotion. The first value in the code of ethics was service and I feel that my own personal value devotion can be a similar to this value. By being devoted to what you do as a professional in any field without any expectation or favor in return is a very important value to have as a social worker. Service and devotion is about giving without expecting, whether it’s your time, knowledge or other professional qualities that can benefit others. Sincerity and social…show more content…
Being sincere to make not only a change but a positive change in society to help others can be a good outcome of social change to benefit individuals and society. The value integrity that is mentioned in the code of ethics and my very own personal value trust are both very similar with one another. Integrity is based on the ethical principal that social workers behave in a trustworthy manner. Meaning as a social worker you are trustworthy, act honestly and responsibly. Earning another’s trust whether it is a client or colleague or any other professional you may have to confide in as a social worker is very important. As my own personal value I see trust as a key ingredient to build relationships and to aid in being successful at working together with others. Another personal value that I carry is being open-minded. By being open-minded I see everybody’s struggles, intentions and self-worth equally. To me not one person is more or less capable based on their differences. So I believe that to a certain extent my personal value to be open-minded can relate to the code of ethics value dignity and worth of the person. My last personal value which is respect I have found that it can tie into almost all of the codes ethical values. Respect is probably my most…show more content…
Respect is also an important value in building relationships. To be respected as a social worker or any other professional one needs to create and build on the value of being respected. You can be the greatest social worker with the most successful client outcomes but it’s not always based on your accomplishments. If your client or peers can’t respect you for reasons such as you don’t respect them or you don’t respect a social workers ethical principles than who you are really doesn’t do you any justice. I have worked with a social worker during high school with some personal issues and encountered several other sources of help such as teachers and counselors. But she was the one I respected the most because she respected me from not judging me to seeing me as a human being and not a troubled teen. While others respected me and my self-worth very little, I had no interest in what they had to offer to help me at that point in my life. To this day me and my social worker have a very close relationship and I know I can always trust in her to hear me out or help me in any way possible no matter what the circumstances are and she will still respect me and my

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