Marywood University Mission Statement Analysis

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For 100 years, Marywood University has guided its students through its core values and mission statement. Marywood’s five core values are respect, catholic identity, empowerment, service, and excellence. As a Marywood student, I adhere to these values to better myself as a student and as a person. As a college freshman, I have set personal and professional goals, and short term and long term goals. Setting goals will help me to stay on track with my work and motivate me to be the best person I can be. As a young adult and student, I have set both personal and professional goals that I hope to achieve now and in the future. For my major, speech pathology, I must a cumulative GPA of a 3.25 in order to stay in the major. Also, I must receive…show more content…
In order for me to reach all of my professional goals, Marywood’s professional disciplines will help me achieve them. Marywood’s undergraduate and graduate programs promote excellence, advance innovative scholarship and foster leadership opportunities to others. As a member of a five-year graduate program, I am in an excellent academic program that will help me to advance in my scholarly opportunities that will help to further my career. As a future speech pathologist, I will take what leadership skills I learned at Marywood University to service others. Along with the mission statement, Marywood’s five core values will guide me to achieve my goals. I believe in helping others, and I will take on that responsibility in my future goals. As one of Marywood’s core values, service will be an important value in my personal and professional goals. I am grateful for my access to higher power, and will do the best I can with the access that has been granted to me. It has gotten me this far, and will help me to achieve my future goals. Marywood’s core value of empowerment has granted me a higher education that will help me succeed in the

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