Personal Narrative: Northwestern Middle School Basketball

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It all came down to this the last game of the season and we already lost to this team once. well i wouldn't call it a loose I would call it a blowout a murder slaughtered anything but not a loose and here we are again the same place at our court at Northwestern Middle School 6th grade basketball and most people say championships don't really count in 6th grade but this was not a championship for us this win or lose goes to heart this is not about a trophy it is about redemption. As I step on to the court. I was thinking to myself what if we lose again we have already lost once. And as I look over at the others team side and as they are shooting I do not see them miss a shot. Then we start the layup line I miss my first layup. I say to myself…show more content…
We were trying to keep up with them but they were just too good there coach was doing an amazing he was a tall lengthy man with a shaved cut and beard. By the end of the 1st quarter it was 20 us 35 them. The 2nd quarter began and the first thing coach said was¨now we played pretty good but we could play better defense and act like every possession we get act like it was our last now go win and bring the championship back to us. By the time the 2nd quarter was over it was 37-46. When we went into the the locker all our team was dripping sweat like a faucet that was left a little on and is steady drip drip dripping and that's when coach said something i would never forget he said DEFENCE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!!! NOW GO GET THAT…show more content…
Now it was the last half of basketball game. First play we get the steal and go all the way down the court and score. That whole quarter it was all us and we were making a great comeback. At the end of the 3rd quarter it was a tie 47-47. Now it was put up or shut up time it was the 4th quarter. When we got back on to the court it was time I thought it was time to go hard or go home and just as I was getting ready to press I heard a voice say ¨Tyler trap at half court¨ I turned around to see it was my friend and fellow teammate Dontez I nodded and right when they hit mid court we pounced like a lion pounces on his prey and got the steal we took the easy fast break score it was the first time we took the lead that whole game. We only got the glory of leading for a few seconds because they came right back down and scored then we scored then they scored it was a back and forth game till about 1:00 min left then they went on a scoring drive again with about 40 sec left we were down by 9 and that when something happened that I would never forget. Something that would change my basketball career for the next 3 years and I would never

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