Susan Roosevelt A Hero Analysis

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“We do not have to become heroes overnight: just a step at a time, meeting each thing that comes up, seeing it is not as dreadful as it appeared, discovering that we have the strength to stare it down,” said Eleanor Roosevelt, former first lady. Roosevelt is saying that anyone can be a hero, but not everyone is born with the qualities of a hero. People have to learn the right qualities to become a hero. All heroes are different, but they always have these key qualities. A hero is a brave and selfless person who would risk his or her life to save someone else, regardless of the danger or consequences. Some people might think that not all heroes have to be brave; however, this is invalid because a person who is not brave would be too scared to perform a…show more content…
In turn, a person is only a true hero if he or she is brave. An example of a brave hero is Jean Valjean, the main protagonist in Les Miserables. Valjean meets a woman, Fantine, who is dying of disease. She asks him to find and take care of her child; Valjean agrees and instantly goes looking for Fantine’s daughter, Cosette. As soon as he finds her, Valjean rescues her from the awful place where she’s living, which takes a great amount courage. Valjean is also brave for saving Marius, a young man who is fighting for the rebellion with Valjean. Marius is severely wounded in the middle of battle, so Valjean runs into the center of the battlefield to save him. He picks Marius up and slings him over his shoulder. Valjean then carries him through the sewers to escape, successfully saving Marius’s life. Another brave hero is Sir Lyonel from Malory’s “Sir Lancelot Du Lake.” He shows bravery by chasing after an unknown knight who just captured three other knights on the road. Malory states, “Sir Lyonel mounted his horse and rode after the knight, as soon as he had drawn close enough, shouted his challenge” (23-4). Sir

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