KWQC: Effective Communication In The Workplace

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Both interviewees, Ashley and Joey, hold very similar perspectives of the organization in which they work despite their difference in title/position. This could very well speak to the fact that they both work in the sports department and that, as described by both of them, the environment at KWQC seems to be very collaborative and reliant on everyone working together as a team. The fostering of a team-based environment stood out as the main takeaway from both interviews, which speaks to just how important it is to not only KWQC as an organization, but to everyone within that organization as well. This type of environment is absolutely key to an organization like KWQC, which has many interests that it needs to meet day in and day out. KWQC…show more content…
With everyone running around working on multiple projects, the time to stop and talk with someone face-to-face or on the phone is extremely minimal. Employees at KWQC need to receive and send out a ton of information on a daily basis and the most efficient way to do so is via texts or emails. As far as this observation can tell, this style of communication seems to be very effective given the type of environment that KWQC has. Vital information is sent out quickly and without any extra bits of information that may be deemed useless or unnecessary. Even when face-to-face communication does get the chance to occur, it too is extremely efficient. As noted by both interviewees, interpersonal communication within the organization is often filled with meaningful praise and points of constructive criticism when…show more content…
Both departments have ideas on what they feel should be the ultimate focus of the day's programming and these competing ideas can lead to disputes between the two. While these disputes are often minor and tend to be resolved relatively quickly, it is clear the frustration that these instances have fostered among individuals within the

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